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About 技Collection

Waza Collection is a non-profit organization working to pass onto future the beautiful Japanese traditional cultures and crafts.

Our particular focus is on ceramic wares. We share relevant information and organize Sales Events.

Actions to Increase Visibility

1.Sales Events Organization

We organize sales events to create opportunities for customers to see, touch and experience craftsmanship and beauty of ceramic wares. At sales events, we would like to deliver not only technics and beautility, but special feelings of potteries and artists.

We run an event every year in Paris since our first Exhibition in 2010. We plan to increase the number of country where we organize these events.

2.Consulting Services for Restaurants Overseas

“Great wares and food enhance each other”. Based on this belief, we offer consulting service and sales to bring the best wares for restaurants.

By having them used in restaurants, we hope to increase opportunities for more people to experience the beauty of Japanese wares.

Actions to Develop Next Generation

1.Support for Studies in Paris


Paris is a highly developed city for both arts and food. We create opportunities to expand knowledge and experience for artists and craftsmen by supporting them to study in Paris. We hope to assist artists who can share their skills globally.

Study Program in Paris

 1-1.Networking with Chefs in Paris

 We set up networking events for artists and craftsmen with inspiring chefs in 

 Paris, creating opportunities for them to produce wares for top restaurants

    that come alive even with different culinary culture.

 1-2. Networking with Employees from Museum and


 We set up events for exchanging ideas with those from museum and

    galleries. We encourage technical discussions between Japanese and French

    artists. This leads to opportunities for artists to produce wares in Paris.

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