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To pass on

the beautiful Japanese culture

onto future

Traditional culture is something that

“has been passed on”

At the same time it is something that

“we create and pass on”

I remember clearly my first vitis to Arita in 2009

when I saw how quiet the town was and how surprised
I was to learn sale of Arita ware had dropped by 80% comparing

to when it was at its peak popularity.

I was overwhelmed by this thought:

“If it stays this way, existence of Arita ware could disappear.

Is there anything I can do before it’s too late?

Can I increase its exposure?”

This was the start of this organization.

On the other hand, I felt strongly touched by the beauty of wares

and skills and sicerity of the Arita ware cratfsmen.


These craftmen work diligently to improve their skills

that have been passed down to them

– wares they have spent much time and effort

creating to match the modern day lifestyle

felt so beautiful and sensitive yet, strong.


We would like to create more places

for people to feel these traditonal crafts made with skills

- to take them into their hands;

to pass on the artists and craftmen’s passion,

to find new ways for these traditional skills to be used.


It is a slow process, but we hope each step

we take leads to continuation of this beaftiful Japanese culture,

for another 100 or even 1000 years.

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